Closure alert - FAQs

Express Services Starting May 10! Visit the COVID-19 resource page for service change notices. Interlibrary Loan has been suspended until further notice. 

Answered By: Justin Broce
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2020     Views: 3831

Pay your Library fines online through JP Morgan Chase Pay Connexion. There are no additional fees to pay online, and payments are processed within about 24 hours. An email address is required.

  1. Go to Pay Fines Online.  
  2. Log in with your Library Card number and password. (If you don't know your password, follow these instructions to reset it.)
  3. All fines are selected by default. Uncheck any fines that you don't presently want to pay.

    Image shows a check box next to a fine of $1.70 but the box is not checked next to the fine for $0.80

    Please note: You cannot pay late fees on items that have not yet been returned.
  4. Click Pay and then Confirm Payment.
  5. You will be transferred to JP Morgan Chase Pay Connexion, a secure transaction site. 
  6. Choose your payment method and enter your payment information. Accepted credit cards include: American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. You can also play by eCheck (ACH) by providing your bank information.
  7. Click Continue. Review the information. Credit cards require the 3 digit code on the back of the card.
  8. Click Confirm and then click Exit to log out.

The online system does not allow you to enter an amount to pay; you must choose individual fines. If you want to choose an amount or make a partial payment on an item, please pay in person or over the phone by calling Customer Service: 512-974-7475.