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Answered By: Christina Shin
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Search by Lexile level using the catalog's Advanced Search. If you’re using a different reading level system, see the conversion chart at the bottom.

  1. Go to Advanced Search.

    On the Library's homepage, you will find a link to Advanced Catalog Search under the search box at the top right of the page. 


  2. Find Reading Level (further down the page), and enter a Lexile range. You can enter the same number twice to find books at that exact level.

    Reading Level: Between 400L and 500L
  3. Click Search(Learn how to find the exact level for a specific book.) 

To find books suited to beginning readers, enter one of the following:

Between -999L and -999L = for the easiest books

Between 0L and 99L = for more advanced beginning readers

This search only finds the books in the catalog that have been assigned Lexile levels. The Library may have additional suitable books. Ask a children's librarian if you would like help finding them.

Search more broadly by going to Advanced Search and choosing the Audience

The option for "Children" is selected in the drop-down menu for Audience level.

Learn more about searching youth materials and understanding youth call numbers.

Reading Level Conversion Chart

Grade Level Accelerated Reader  DRA Level* Lexile 
K .1-1.2 A-2 Beginning
1 1.2-1.4 2 100
1.5-1.7 10 200
1.8-2.1 16 300
2.2-2.6 18 400
2.7-3.2 24 500
3 28
3.3-3.9 600
4.1-4.7 40 700
5 44
5.0-5.8 800
6.0-7.0 900
7-8 7-8.9   1000
9-12 9-12.9   1150

*DRA, or Developmental Reading Assessment, is used by AISD.