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Answered By: Laurie Najjar
Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024     Views: 853

Here's how you can view the items you've placed on hold and their current status:

My APL holds

Go to My APL: On Hold, log in, if prompted. Look for the status icon next to the item:

= Hold is not yet available
= Hold is in transit (being delivered to your pickup location)
= Hold is available for pickup 
 = Hold was paused (temporarily on hold)

You can see the deadline for picking up your hold just below the Ready icon:

If you don't see a hold, change the format filter:

You can also change the holds view by clicking Sort by and making a new selection:

Drop down menu that allows you to sort by status, hold position, expires, title, author, or format.


OverDrive/Libby holds

Holds may be viewed on the OverDrive website or using the Libby app.

On the OverDrive website:

  • V​​​​​isit OverDrive: Holds. Log in, if prompted.
  • If you've placed an item on hold, it will appear on this page. Look for your number in the queue and approximate wait time:

Image of title on hold, with red circle around the number in line and the Wait Time: 2 weeks section next to the title image

  • You can change the holds view by clicking Sorted by default and making a new selection:

Open menu when you click arrow next to text Sorted by default. Get options for Date placed on hold, Title, or Author.


In the Libby app:

  • Look for your Shelf at the bottom of your screen:

  •  Tap holds at the top of your screen to see your holds: