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Answered By: Julie Brown
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018     Views: 15370

No one can see your checkout or holds history—not even us. The Library sees only current checkouts and holds, as well as items that incurred fines.

However: items you add to Shelves and Lists are public unless you make them private. Also note that any item you comment on, rate, tag or summarize is automatically added to your Completed Shelf. Learn how to check and change your settings below. 

My Shelves

To make items automatically private or public:

  1. Go to My APL: Privacy.
  2. Check the desired boxes and click Save Changes.

    All options are checked: Automatically mark newly added complete, in-progress and for-later items as private.


To check or change the privacy of individual items:

  1. Log in to My APL: My Shelves and go to the desired Shelf.
  2. Check to the left of the item's cover. A lock icon means it's private. No lock means it's public.

    Screenshot indicating the lock.
  3. To change the status, click Add Details next to an item.

    Screenshot indicating "Add Details" next to a book.
  4. At the bottom of the menu, check the box by Keep this item private so only you can see it, or uncheck it to make the item public.

    Screenshot showing a checked box next to "Keep this item private."

My Lists

  1. Log in to My APL: My Lists.
  2. Click the list name to view it.
  3. On the left side, check or uncheck the box as preferred:

    "Make this list private" with a checked box to the left of it.