Answered By: Dean Smith
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You can search by Lexile level with the catalog's Advanced Search. If you’re using a different reading level system, see the conversion chart at the bottom.

  1. Go to Advanced Search.

    On the Library's home page, you will find a link to Advanced Catalog Search under the search box at the top right of the page. 


  2. Find Reading Level (further down the page), and enter a Lexile range:

    Reading Level: Between 400L and 500L

    (You can enter the same number twice to find books at that exact level.)
  3. Click Search(Learn how to find the exact level for a specific book.) 

Tip: To find books suited to beginning readers, enter one of the following:

Between -999L and -999L = for the easiest books

Between 0L and 99L = for more advanced beginning readers

This search finds only the books in our catalog that have been assigned Lexile levels. The Library may have additional suitable books. Ask a children's librarian if you would like help finding them.

Or you can search more broadly. In Advanced Search, find Audience (center page right). Click the arrow in the search box and choose a category from the menu that drops down. Click Search and find a book in the catalog that meets your needs. Note the call number, return to Advanced Search, and search by call number. Learn more about searching youth materials and understanding youth call numbers.

Reading Level Conversion Chart

Grade Level Accelerated Reader  DRA Level* Lexile 
K .1-1.2 A-2 Beginning
1 1.2-1.4 2 100
1.5-1.7 10 200
1.8-2.1 16 300
2.2-2.6 18 400
2.7-3.2 24 500
3 28
3.3-3.9 600
4.1-4.7 40 700
5 44
5.0-5.8 800
6.0-7.0 900
7-8 7-8.9   1000
9-12 9-12.9   1150

*DRA, or Developmental Reading Assessment, is used by AISD.