Answered By: Katrin Abel
Last Updated: Dec 27, 2018     Views: 322

Please tell a staff member or security guard if someone at the library is bothering you. Inappropriate behavior may include talking or playing music too loudly or otherwise making you uncomfortable. Please see the Library Use Rules for more information. 

If you are on a public computer at a Branch, you can lock it for up to 10 minutes while you speak to a staff member: 

  1. Hold down CTRL + ALT + DELETE on your keyboard.
  2. Click Lock this Computer.
  3. Your computer will be locked for up to 10 minutes.

If you are on a public computer at the Central Library, you may lock your screen using the Hide Screen function while you speak to a staff member: 

  1. Use the Widget in the lower right hand corner that says Time Remaining. Choose Hide screen among the other session options.
  2. Create a temporary password to hide screen. Hiding the screen does not stop time from counting down, but it will ignore the inactivity warning and will prevent anyone else from logging on to the computer.