Answered By: Jace Furches
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2018     Views: 243

In the catalog search box, try one of these strategies with a keyword search:

  • Enter the title and dvd (example: breaking bad dvd)
  • Enter the title and dvd and season (example: lost dvd season)
    Leave out the season number, which can be expressed too many different ways: season 3, season three, third season, 3rd season. If you don't search for the "correct" version, you won't find it, so it's best to exclude it from the search then find the season you want in the results.
  • Enter the title and television series or television programs (example: wire dvd television series)
  • Select title from the menu, enter the title, and hit Search. When the search results appear, select DVD under Format > Movies and TV to limit your results further.

One-word titles are more difficult to find. Add other search terms to limit your results. For instance, adding an actor's name to a one-word title will help narrow your search results. You can use quotes with a multi-word title to limit your search results to that phrase.