Answered By: Andrea Schwartz
Last Updated: Dec 27, 2016     Views: 72

BiblioCommons, the company that makes our catalog, periodically updates the catalog with design changes to make the site more accessible when viewed on a device like a smartphone or tablet. This has included moving and re-grouping some of the menu options. 

My APL has been pulled out of the main menu and put into the upper right, a common place for one’s account, including signing in and out. When viewing the catalog on a device, the rest of the navigation menu is now collapsed into a “hamburger menu" (3 stacked lines), leaving the critical Account Button (which will show your username when logged in) and its various drop-down menu options visible and accessible.

Screenshot of catalog as seen on a device with notes. My APL button says, "Log in/out, see checkouts, holds, fees, Shelves, Lists, etc. The menu icon says, "See the menu: Virtual Library, Locations, Events, etc. The magnifying glass icon says, "Search."

We regret the inconvenience these changes may have caused. While we at the Austin Public Library do not have direct control over the catalog, we appreciate and pass on your feedback, which BiblioCommons takes into consideration for future development along with the ideas and suggestions from the other library systems they serve (over 100 libraries worldwide).

If there’s a particular feature that you can’t find or something that doesn’t make sense, please contact us! We’re happy to walk you through the changes and give advice on the optimal ways to find Library items and organize your favorites.