Answered By: Dean Smith
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2017     Views: 153

The Library would prefer that the default setting be private instead of public, and we have requested this change with BiblioCommons, the company that makes our catalog, but it is not an option they offer. You can, however, easily change the defaults.

To change My Shelves to automatically private or public when adding new items:

  1.       Login in to your account.
  2.       Choose My Settings in your account menu.
  3.       Go to Privacy / My Shelves.
  4.       Check the desired boxes and click Save Changes.

All options are checked: Automatically mark newly added complete, in-progress and for-later items as private.

To check or change the status of individual items:

  1. Log in: Log In / My APL and go to the Shelf that the item is on.
  2. Check to the left of the item's cover. A lock icon means it's private. No lock means it's public.


  1. To change the status, click Add Details to the right of the title of the item.
  2. At the bottom of the menu, check Keep this item private so only you can see it, or uncheck it to make the item public.


Screenshot showing a checked box next to "Keep this item private."