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We have thousands of scholarly journals in our online databasesAcademic Search Complete and JSTOR are two databases with many scholarly journals. However, searching by topic is more effective than looking for specific journals and hoping they have articles on your exact topic. If you need tips for searching in the databases, see the instructions here: How do I find articles on a topic?  Be sure to indicate that you want peer-reviewed or scholarly content only, if available. It will look similar to this:


Browsing journals by subject is another way to locate scholarly articles. Here's how to find journals that you can access online through the Library:

  1. Go to the eJournal Finder.

  2. Under Browse by Subject, choose a broad category and then choose a narrower subject. The number of journals in shown in parentheses.  

    Botany is show with additional subcategories: Fungi & Algae (34), Plant Anatomy (5), etc.

  3. You will then see the journals in that subject. Each will list the databases that have the journal along with the available years. Peer Reviewed journals are also identified.

    The Journal of Ecology is show. It is labeled Peer Reviewed.

  4. To see only peer-reviewed journals, use the Limit by Peer Reviewed option at the top of the search results. 

    Search results are shown including a link to Limit by Peer Reviewed.
  5. Click a database link that has the year range for the journal you need. Log in with your Library Card number if prompted.
  6. From here, database interfaces vary. You may go directly to the journal and can search and browse by date by clicking on a year, or you may need to enter the journal title again.

Ask a Librarian if you need help or advice!