Answered By: Andrea Schwartz
Last Updated: Feb 06, 2017     Views: 115

Save to a Shelf

Save an item to your For Later, Completed or In Progress Shelf by clicking the button to the right of the item (click the arrow to see all options).

Screenshot pointing out the For Later button to the right of the novel, Miss Jane. There are additional options: In Progress and Completed.

If you don't see the For Later button on devices, click the icon: bookshelf icon
This automatically puts it on the For Later shelf, but you can change the shelf.

Save to a List

Go to the item's information page by clicking its title. Scroll down to the section Explore Further (on the right on full-sized screens). Click Add and choose to Create a New List or add it to an Existing List.

Screenshot showing the Add link with options, "Create a New List" and "Existing Lists."